You asked… I answer!

Back in December, I asked you in my Facebook post to ask me ANY question you want to know the answer to. Well… here ya go!

Peggy: Where is your dream vacation spot?
My absolute favorite place I’ve ever been to was Venice, Italy. But for my honeymoon, I’ve always said I want to go to Cinque Terre, Italy, and stay in one of those hotels on the side of the mountain that overlooks the ocean. Google it to see some of the most amazing pictures! My future husband has no choice! Now, to just find that husband to go with… haha!

Robert: What was your favorite SNL cast members and seasons?
Any SNL seasons from the 80’s are my absolute favorite because I consider that REAL comedy. If you’ve read the history of SNL (Yes, I’m the dork that has)… Back in the day, comedians wrote and performed all their own skits. Now, you have writers who write, then give the skits to actors. Many of the old cast members say this creates a disconnect because most of the time what the writers envision doesn’t play out on stage/camera.

As far as my favorite cast members… my all-time favorite hands down is John Belushi. But basically that first entire cast comes in as a close second like Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, and Chevvy Chase. But if you were to ask me my favorite cast members from 2000 up to today… I love Taran Killam (and I like how are names are eerily similar, too) and my brother and I say that Fred Armisen is by far the most UNDERRATED cast member. The guy is probably one of the best comedians that can keep a dead-pan and I have yet to see him crack!

Ryan: Do you like your chicken grilled or crispy?
Definitely crispy!

Debbie/Mauricio: What did you like most about El Paso besides the people?
I loved the mountains! In the midwest, we don’t have any of those. Those are called hills or landfills. But funny story… when I was checking out apartments in El Paso, I specifically said I wanted an apartment with a mountain view. They looked at me like I was crazy, but I told them I grew up never having them… so I want to see them everyday!

Rudy: Are you willing to return to El Paso? Even for a visit?
Absolutely! Between the food, the scenery, the weather, and the people, how could I not?!

Ricardo: We know you’re a political junkie, would you ever consider running for office?
You know… that is something I always said I would do when I was completely sick and tired of the news. Unfortunately, despite all the long hours and grueling stories that we sometimes have in the news, I still love it every single day… so I guess we’ll have to wait till that happens! But yes, I would love to run for office some day.

Patrick: Have you ever been to Arizona before?
Yes! When I was a kid, my family and I went to Sedona, Arizona, where I saw the first real “wild” lizards walking around. Big difference from the little lizards you see in science class in a glass cage! haha!

Lynda: Any chance you would be back to South Bend?
Absolutely! I love Indiana having spent 4-years there at Purdue and then 3-years at FOX28. South Bend is rapidly growing and changing. In fact, I just saw the new casino was finally built! The people there are amazing, and of course, Notre Dame and the golden dome is a great little nudge to bring me back to the bend!

Mike: What was it that made you become a White Sox fan over the Cubs? I also grew up in a 2-team market, so I’m interested.
MY FATHER! Out of 6-kids and 2-parents, my mom is the ONLY Cubs fan in the family. As a kid, my dad used to tell us stories of how he would go to the baseball games for just 10-cents as a kid after school, because “Old Comiskey” had one of the first lighted fields in baseball. He also instilled in us that REAL BASEBALL was played by the White Sox because all the Cubs fans didn’t really go for the games, more for the scenery and beer! haha! May I remind everyone, too, before the Cubs won the World Series… there was a baseball team in 2005 that won in the very same city that still to this day, their victory has been overlooked… and it was won by THE CHICAGO WHITE SOX!!!

Pablo/Edwin: What has been your favorite restaurant in Texas overall?
CARLOS & MICKEY’S!!! The margaritas alone I still crave to this day!

Sandy/Edwin: Do you have a favorite band/ music artist? Your most favorite song?
Anything by my favorite band QUEEN, but my all-time favorite song would have to be “Somebody to Love” by QUEEN. My dad used to play it all the time in the car as a kid, and it’s one of my go-to karaoke songs!

Joseph: Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan?
No… Indianapolis COLTS BABY!!!

Yanin: Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?
Anchoring the news in a city that I love, with a husband, maybe kids by then, and my little dog Buddy, all very happy.

Yanin: Who is your current/favorite journalist?
I have always loved Ann Curry. I think she is so professional and poised, and after she was treated so poorly on the TODAY show by Matt Lauer, she really could have fired back, but she stayed so classy. I really admired that, and used that example to overcome my own adversity. But as a journalist, you can see she is just so genuine and cares about the people and the stoires she’s telling. That’s how I like to report on the stories I cover. I strive to carry that same genuineness, care, and passion in my stories. Also, a little fun fact… Ann Curry and I have the same birthday!

David: If you had a dream job and let’s say you didn’t need certain credentials what job would you like to do?
As a kid, I had two dreams: (1) To either be a news anchor, or (2) to be the news anchor on the Weekend Updates on Saturday Night Live. I’m already living one of my dreams. But if I didn’t have to worry about the money or the credentials… it would have to be SNL! I grew up watching it with my dad from the time I was a toddler and have loved it ever since. I love everything about comedy – from performing it to watching it – so to perform in Studio 1A every Saturday night would be a dream come true!

​Sandy: What song do you most like to sing?
OH BOY!!! Anyone who knows me personally will tell you my go-to song is “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. In fact, when I first got to El Paso, I sang it one night at karaoke with weatherman Robert Bettes, which prompted a mini-movie to be made featuring El Paso TV’s finest… myself, Robert Bettes, Robert Holguin, and Lou Romano. It was written/directed by Robert Holguin and let me tell you, it was a blast to be a part of! You can watch it here:


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