What I learned from watching one night of the 2018 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Competition

​For as long as I can remember, my mother couldn’t get enough of the figure skating stars like Nancy Kerrigan, Oksana Baiul, and Christy Yamaguchi. Not only did she watch the Olympic competitions religiously, she wanted me to be the next big skater. So, at 3-years-old, my mother bought me a pair of bright white skates and signed me up for skating lessons at the local park district, hoping it was the start of my long and prosperous journey to an Olympic gold medal.

Sadly, while all the other little girls skated around the rink wearing their cute winter coats, I sat down and licked the ice pretty much the entire time.  So, my mother improvised and rather than bring me back to the rink, she brought me to a dance studio — knowing there was know way I’d lick THAT floor! All of us have at least ONE weird childhood story, right?!

ACT like a champion, THINK like a champion!

Anyway, despite not becoming that figure skater my mom wanted me to be, still… every 4-years my mother and I watch the Olympic figure skating competitions religiously. Through the years, the tricks, jumps, turns, and spins have gotten more and more complex, making it much more difficult I think for skaters to stay focused during the entire routine. But something can be learned from this years competitive figure skating competitions after watching the 2018 competitors…

With more complex jumps, turns, and spins to be performed in 2=minute and 4-minute routines, there’s bound to be a mistake or two made. There’s bound to be a fall here and there, but you can see which competitors are mentally tough enough to fight through it.

The final night of the women’s free skate, my heart broke for one of the skaters from Canada. Here she’s worked her entire life towards this final routine, and she opened the first jump… falls. The second jump… trips. The third… falls. The fourth… falls. The fifth… lands it! At the end, the skater you could see was trying to keep a smile, but couldn’t hold it anymore, and burst into tears.

Why did she trip and fall so many times?

After not landing the first jump, you could see it in her face she started focusing on NOT wanting to fall the second, third, and forth time. She let it bring her down, and that “let down” feeling carried her all the way to the end. ​


Fast forward to the two Russian teenagers who both executed their routines perfectly. 

Yes, they are younger than the rest of the bunch, but you could see from the get go, they had on their “gladiator faces.” You could see their mindset was, “I’m going to win this! I got this! I’m going to land and execute everything!” — Well, they BOTH did and finished Gold and Silver.

The same face the Russian’s wore was the same face Bradie Tennell of Chicago was wearing. Despite her trips in her short and free skate program, you could see the minute she got back up, Bradie — just like how Elsa sings it in Frozen — LET IT GO!!! She didn’t let it defeat her to the end of her Cinderalla performance.


​Could that same competitive mindset be transferred to our everyday lives?

Do you let one bad thing in the morning like stubbing your toe in the doorway effect the rest of your day? Really stop and think about it. Have you ever noticed the times you let that one little thing get you down, your day seemed to get worse and worse? Could it be the more negative you think… the more negative you attract into the rest of your day?

​We all have things we need to work on, and for me lately… I’ve been focusing on “The Law of Attraction.” If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a pretty cool concept! Your thoughts bring more of what you’re thinking into your life – positive or negative.


The more positive you think and the more grateful you are, the more positive things come into your life. 

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m really starting to believe it, day by day. Try it! The next time something goes wrong in your day — even if it’s the Starbucks barista gets your order wrong — take a deep breath… and just like Elsa… LET IT GO!!! Even if you don’t want to,,, just try it… see what happens. No use in not trying it out once or twice, right?!

For more information on “The Law of Attraction,” if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you have to watch The Secret. If not, give this video from Oprah a try. Let me know below if you’ve ever tried this, and if “The Law of Attraction” is working for you! If you haven’t… give it a go for a few days, and check back here to see if you’ve noticed a difference. I’m truly interested in seeing what you all have to say!

Till next time, remember to LET IT GO… and like the fairy godmother in Cinderella says, “Think HAPPY thoughts!”

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