A Much Needed Update

Greetings to all my fans from Indiana to El Paso!

I can't tell you enough how much I miss you all. It's been a while since I've been on air, so I decided to give you all an update on what I've been doing for many of those who have been asking on my Facebook page and who have emailed me personally.

I left El Paso reluctantly in August 2017 and I've since moved to Austin, Texas, where I've been busy grinding away at where I want my career to go. To all of my fans in El Paso, I miss you terribly because you all welcomed me with such open arms. I even had 9 invitations for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I was floored at how friendly the community was for it was truly a second home to me. I didn't want to leave, but alas, life happens and sometimes... even throws you curveballs.

When I got to Austin, I didn't work or get involved in the media whatsoever because I thought my life was taking a different turn. I actually wanted to get into the political scene here and thought about working at the state capitol or for an elected official in public relations. Many of you know I LOVE all things politics and holding elected officials accountable, and I enjoyed all the political happenings in both South Bend and El Paso. However, after a few months of trying that out, I can honestly and clearly say I feel my calling and purpose in life is to DO THE NEWS!

What did I miss the most?

Sharing and telling YOUR stories in the community. I missed being welcomed every single night into your living rooms and telling YOU what was going on in the community. I missed going to community events and meeting everyone I can't see when talking to a camera each night. I missed hearing and sharing your highs, lows, tragedies and triumphs, because that my friends is what a news anchor should do. Hear your stories and share them with the world.

Right now, there's a lot in the works so my next stop is still TBD. But I can tell you that South Bend and El Paso still truly hold special places in my heart. It has been so heartwarming to literally get an email DAILY from fans asking how I am, where I am, why I left, and what's my next adventure. It makes me feel good knowing that many of you liked my performance, my work, and most importantly trusted me with your stories and listened every night when I came on air at 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm!

So to help you all and keep you in the loop, I'll be writing a lot here on my blog, so please make sure you check back often since I'll be sharing some fun stuff!

Till next time... I love and miss you all... and here's to a NEW YEAR!

God Bless,


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